Manufacturing Process

Setting the Bar

There are many companies to go to in order to get a mouthguard or a custom mouthguard. The quality of work performed on all our mouthguards are unmatched in the industry. That is not just our opinion. That has been backed by numerous customers, industry experts who have been exposed to working with our team, and is backed by many dental offices. We strive to get better, innovate, and provide customers with the best product that we could possible deliver.

We entered this business in the niche of custom mouthguards. Throughout the years of learning about different materials and how it behaves under certain conditions, our manufacturing process has been refined to the give the consumers best mouthguard product in the market today.

Below are some features that are unique to our company.

  • Time – we take more time in manufacturing each mouthguard
  • Rounded – edges are rounded and contoured
  • Machines Calibrated – we pay attention to settings
  • Technique – this makes all the difference in the world
  • Thickness – we pay attention to where you need the protection

Results with our manufacturing process.

  • Higher quality
  • Maximum comfort with out sacrificing protection
  • Longer lasting product
  • Protection is maximum where you need it
  • Breathability due to thickness control