Why Custom Sports Mouthguards?

According to the American Dental Association, more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented annually in this country by sports mouthguards. It is estimated by National Youth Sports Foundation that more than 5 million teeth will be knocked out in sporting activities this year. These oral traumas will happen to children, high school and college level athletes. In fact, dental injuries are the most common type of orofacial injury sustained during participation in sports.

Costs of Sports Related Oral Injuries

According to Dr. Ray Padilla, an active member in the Academy for Sports Dentistry, the lifetime dental rehabilitation costs can approach several thousand dollars per tooth for the child or athlete who looses a tooth or teeth in a sporting injury. The total rehabilitation costs for a single tooth knocked-out are more than 20 times the preventative cost for a professional grade custom mouthguard. Prevention of oral injuries can save you thousands.

Sports Mouthguards Are Not All Equal

Not all mouthguards are equal. There are 3 different types of mouthguards. The first type is the stock mouthguard. Those type of mouthguards comes pre-formed and is very uncomfortable. The second type is the boil and bite mouthguard. Those type of mouthguards tend to be thin, cumbersome to work with, and is loose fitting. They do offer protection so it is better to have these mouthguards rather than stock mouthguards. The third type of mouthguards are custom mouthguards. These are mouthguards are fitted either by a dentist or by using self impression kits. Custom fitted mouthguards are the best type of mouthguards that anyone can get and it ensures you that you are getting the most protection.