Custom Mouthguards

Custom mouthguards have been around for a long time. Many people look to us primarily for graphics and have bought our high end mouthguards just for this. Our custom fitted mouthguards provide the best protection an athlete can get.

With the right combination of instructions, skilled lab technicians, and communication, custom fitted mouthguards using self impression system can be just as good. If you would like your dentist to take your impression please have them contact us so that we could coordinate in order to provide you, the customer, the best possible experience.

Our job is not only to provide custom fitted mouthguards direct to the public, but also to educate dentists that there are other means that consumers are able to get custom mouthguards. Sooner or later, dentists will realize that what they are getting from traditional dental labs are not superior. This is a bold statement and may even insult some dentists. This statement is backed by dental offices, mouthguard equipment manufacturers, vendors, as well as actual customers. Dentists that are interested in more information or want to become distributors, please contact us.

Our mouthguards are better than what is provided by regular dental labs. Over the years, the manufacturing process and structural design of our custom mouthguards have been refined from laboratory experience as well as practical fight experience. The end result is a high quality custom mouthguard that lasts, protects, and feels comfortable.

Plain Guard – $105
Plain Mouthguard

Guard w/Writings – $110
Guard Writing Mouthguard

Guard w/Multi-Color Writings – $120
Mouthguard w/Multi-Color

Fang Mouthguard – $130
Fang Mouthguard

Guard w/2 Color Split Mouthguard – $130
2 Color Split Guard

Marble Mouthguard – $150
Marble Mouthguard

Just Scrap Mouthguard – $155
Just Scrap Guard

Mouthguard w/3 Color Split – $160
3 color split Guard

Guard w/Custom Logo – $165
Custom Logo

Two Flag Guard – $175
Two Flag Guard

Guard w/ Special Logo – $185
Guard with Special Logo

Snakeskin Guard – $195
Snakeskin Guard

2nd Extreme Guard – $145
2nd Guard Extreme

Replacement Kit – $28
Replacement Kit

Mouthguard Disinfectant – $15
Grunge Spray

International Shipping Charge – $70
International Shipping