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High Quality

Each custom mouthguard is hand crafted so you can be sure that you are getting the best fitting mouthguard industry.


Find out what some athletes have to say about our custom mouthguards.

Mouthguard Experts

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are here to walk you through the process. Our goal is to educate. You will learn what separates us from the rest.

Custom Fitted Mouthguard

No matter what sport, our custom mouthguards offer optimum protection and comfort. Because it is manufactured by a self impression of your teeth, it is the best fitting mouthguard that one can have.

Custom Boil and Bite

Customer demand asked for it.  Now it is available, a boil and bite like no other.  Each custom boil and bite is hand crafted.  We are setting the bar for what a boil and bite should be.

Ben C.

11/17/2011 – i really like the boil and bite mouth guard a lot. i loved how it molded to my mouth.. i hate how those cheap ones feel.. but urs is really nice i like how it feels in my mouth…

JD Penn

10/27/2011 – Customer Service was great. Was in town for the weekend and called them up for a favor. I wanted to get Reagan fitted for a custom mouth guard for his fight next Saturday, Nov 5 at Pro Elite. I was put in touch with an affiliate doctor in Vegas and Reagan was able to get his impression. We just had to take care of expedited shipping, but it looks like we will have it in time for his fight.

Brian P.

10/26/2011 – Hello. I have read and heard nothing but good things about you guys. I have a custom boil and bite from ** ********, I got it while i was in Vegas and I was thinking about getting a custom one made in a few months but their customer service is not the best. Thank you!

I am fully aware of how more protected I am with a custom but pricing everything out, I rather spend 50 a bnb from you guys with my custom design than 25 30 for a ***** ****** which are nightmares. I fully intend to get a custom done once my semester of school ends. I been training for close to a year and I have tried every thing Dicks has to offer.

Stewart O.

10/10/2011 – Wow, that is NICE !!! I may need to order another one now !!

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